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Pillow & Massager Bundle | Health and massaging

Pillow & Massager Bundle | Health and massaging

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Indulge in ultimate comfort with our Luxury Lumbar Set. This exclusive bundle includes a meticulously designed Lumbar Support Pillow and a soothing Massager. Experience relief from lower back pain and stress, all in one incredible package. Elevate your relaxation game .

Product Overview

1. Personalized Relief:** While effectiveness may vary, our Back Stretcher caters to individual needs, strengthening and loosening back muscles for improved posture.

2. **Preventive Solution:** Guard against chronic back issues and acute injuries like sciatica, slipped disk, and bulging disc caused by misalignment.

3. **Electric-Free Back Massage:** Featuring 10 magnetic massage nodes and 14 massage bars, it targets muscles alongside the spine, relieving tension and enhancing blood circulation.

4. **Magnetic Therapy:** Experience deep muscle relaxation with magnetic therapy, providing acupressure and physical massage to alleviate lumbar and back pain, promoting stress relief.

5. **Comfort and Support:** Crafted from specialized polyurethane foam, akin to advanced memory foam, it compresses for comfort while maintaining its natural healing shape.

6. **C-Shaped Curvature Design:** Original design syncs with your spine's natural curvature, ensuring passive relaxation. The central opening prevents spine pressure against the stretcher.

Key Features

1. **Spinal Health:** Simple back stretching enhances spine health and alleviates tight back muscles.

2. **Pain Relief:** Improve circulation and elongate the spine to help relieve lower back pain.

3. **Quick and Convenient:** Just 5 minutes daily can protect your back, combat chronic pain, and enhance your range of motion.

4. **Posture and Height:** Experience potential posture improvement and, in some cases, an increase in height.

5. **At-Home Convenience:** Enjoy the benefits of a safe, deep lower back stretch without the need for a physical therapist.

Product Information

- Product Name: Massage Pillow
- Control Mode: Mechanical
- Massage Technique: Kneading
- Applicable Parts:Waist, Back
- Color Options:Gray, Green, Orange
- Specifications: Includes Chinese and English instructions
- Appearance Shape: Butterfly-shaped

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